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Rising Cybercrime in Nepal – Reasons & Preventive Measures

Cybercrime generally refers to the crime which involves digital devices like mobile phones, Computers, Tablets. Most but not all cybercrime is committed by the cybercriminal or hackers who want to make money.

It is carried out by individuals as well as organizations. This includes sharing personal or private information about someone else without their consent which may lead to embarrassment or humiliation.

Current Status Of Cyber Crime In Nepal

As per Nepal Police cybercrime is a form of harassment through social media, Email threats, Illegal data access, ATM breaches, Hacking, Copyright, and phishing. As the internet access and use of the internet in Nepal have been increasing rapidly Cybercrime is also increasing. As per the Metropolitan Police Crime Division, Kathmandu there were 91 cases filed in the fiscal year 2013- 2014, 221 cases in the Fiscal year 2014- 15, and a whopping 769 in the year 2015-16. Out of which more than 50% of the cybercrime is related to the Harassment of women and 80% of the victim is female.

Rising Cybercrime in Nepal - Reason & Preventive Measures
Source: Onlinekhabar

Though cybercrime is increasing in Nepal. There is no law to deal specifically with the cybercrime. However, before 2004 the government of Nepal uses to deal with cybercrime under the public offense act. Later on the Electronic Transaction and digital signature act 2004 was passed. This act is considered to be the cyber law of Nepal according to which violation of the law may lead to a fine ranging from Rs 20, 000 – 2, 00, 000 depending upon the severity of the crime and a jail sentence up to 5 years. However, cybercrime in Nepal is still on its rise.

Common places For cybercrimes in Nepal

  • Social Media like Facebook, what’s App, Titktok, and Snapchat
  • Text messages or Messaging apps
  • Online chatting. Instant messaging, Direct Messaging
  • Online forums, Chatting room eg; Reddit
  • Emai
  • Online gaming communities

Nepal has seen the ups and downs in Technology. With a lack of Governance and policies, Nepal will face a huge threat or challenge to overcome the online threat. which may be on its way with the rising dependency of the general public, businesses, and Government in Network or the Internet.

Rising Cybercrime in Nepal - Reason & Preventive Measures

For Example Recent Hacks on the Banking sector as well as the Hacking of Governmental website by Hackers during the Lockdown. This Should be an eyeopener to us as it shows how vulnerable we are regarding the safety of our networks and data.

Reasons for Growing Cybercrime & Prevention

The rise in use of Internet & Social Media:

The rise in the use of the Internet and Social Media is one of the reasons for increasing cybercrime. You keep every detail of yourself in social media and share everything you do over the internet which makes it easy for the people who are willing to hurt you. As there are millions of users over the internet and different means of social media you may not know the real intention of each individual over it.

Rising Cybercrime in Nepal - Reason & Preventive Measures

So, think before what you share over the internet and filter your audience to the trusted ones as this can be done in many of the social media in the present day.

Unsecured Networks and password:

An Unsecured Networks can be used by criminals to intercept the confidential login details from the connected computers. This can be the login details of your social media, Banks, or websites where you have put on the details of your card. Similarly using a common password, Sharing it or a simple password makes you vulnerable for cybercrime. And the culprit may be unknown or someone close to you. 

So, Don’t share your password with anyone and your network with anyone you don’t trust, and always secure your network with strong passwords.


The Internet is the Power voice of the voiceless. As you are anonymous over the internet you can be whoever you want to be just by manipulating the information that you provide over the internet. So thinking that they in the power some people hide their real identity and they are involved in Cybercrimes like bullying, Harassment on the women just for the sake of entertainment.

Rising Cybercrime in Nepal - Reason & Preventive Measures

Don’t talk or share the information with the person you don’t know over the internet. If you are facing the cyberbullying or harassment report to the police as you not reporting them is boosting them to commit the crime again and again. 

Outdated Operating system or Software:

You should be up to date with the software and operating systems of your devices as you will benefit from the security patches. The older the operating system and the software there is a high chance of getting hacked by the potential hacker and being the victim of cybercrime. 

As cybercrime involves criminal activity over the computer or network via means of the Internet. And the internet defies the border between the countries which may result in difficulty to make the culprit come under the jurisdiction. So, we as individuals should be very careful while accessing the internet and Uploading personal information over the internet.

World Scenario

The US justice of Department has categorized the Cybercrime into 3 categories i.e.

  • Crime in which computing device is the target for Example: To gain Network Access
  • Crime in which computer is used as a weapon fro Example: To launch a denial of service (DOS) attack.
  • Crime in which computer is used as an accessory to crime for Example: Using the computer to store illegally obtained data

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