COVID – 19: Prevention is better than Cure

The COVID- 19 pandemic has affected the whole world. The ratio of people getting infected by the disease is increasing every day. No vaccine is found for the treatment of this dangerous virus. The best cure is to prevent yourself from the virus. The World health organization (WHO) has suggested some prevention methods for COVID- 19. If we follow these instructions strictly, we can save ourselves.

Social Distancing

This is the most important step to stop the spreading of the virus. We need to break the chain of the virus and for that, we need to stay in our homes. Don’t get out of your home until it’s an emergency. Going out can bring the virus to your home. Please, stay at your home.

Wash hands frequently or sanitize

Washing hands frequently is important because viruses spread more through hands. Frequently wash your hands with soap and water to get off the bacteria from your hand. You can also use an alcohol based sanitizer to keep your hands clean.

Cover your mouth with elbow or towels while sneezing

The viruses can spread through the droplets that come out while sneezing. Make sure to cover your mouth with towel or with your elbow if you feel like sneezing. Also, remember to clean your elbow or the towel you used while sneezing

Disinfect your home

It is equally important to disinfect your home.  Give extra care to maintain healthy environment. Clean those places or areas that are frequently used. If you bring anything from the grocery, keep it in a certain place, clean it then only use it.

Keep distance if you are out

It is better to strictly stay at home during this pandemic. Just in case you need some groceries or other essential items and if you have to get out of your home then avoid crowds. If any infected person touches you then the virus will be transmitted to you as well. Keep some distance no matter where you are.

Do not forget: Prevention is better than cure.

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Written by Subekshya Ghimire

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