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Russia Agree To supply 2.5 Crore Sputnik-V vaccine to Nepal For COVID 19

Nepal is one of the first countries in the world to receive vaccines against coronavirus by the Russian Sputnik V. The company had also sign related deals with countries like Belarus, Uzbekistan, India, Brazil, and Mexico. Russian officials have officially declared about the deal. Perhaps regarding the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in Nepal, now finally Nepal has got some relief.

Moreover, around 25 million doses of the Sputnik Vaccine will be sent on a well-based informed human Adenoviral vectors network. These sputnik vaccines will be brought by the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), the sovereign wealth fund in Russia, and one of the largest pharmaceutical distributors in Nepal, the Trinity pharmaceuticals.

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Russian Sputnik V Vaccine For Nepal

The Agreement would allow 90 percent of the Nepalese population to access Sputnik V vaccines. This step will allow Nepal to have proven protection and effectiveness for country clinics with an anti-COVID vaccine. The first productive process of collaboration is the successful completion of a supply deal of vaccines. The processes for the enforcement of the agreement now have to be more improved so that Nepal could get some ease from the COVID-19’s pain and devastation.

In this regard, we expect both sides to continue to work on the prompt delivery of the Sputnik V vaccine to the Himalayan republic.  The first licensing of the vaccine is the mass immunization of the Nepalese population in order to treat the casualties caused by the pandemic.

The Russian Embassy in Nepal claims this agreement as to the result of good relations between the two countries. The availability of the “Sputnik V” vaccine is proof of Russia and Nepal’s contribution to improving economic relations Moreover, it also shows the joint battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. The people of Nepal are our country’s best mates.

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Details Of Russian Sputnik V Vaccine

Lately, Russin Vaccine Sputnik V proper report was published at The Lancent which considered to be a leading medical journal. According to their report, the vaccine had not shown any kind of side effect. Moreover, it has successfully demonstrated a 100% immune response to the earlier participants. How full report is expected to be published in October – November 2020.

After Sputnik V claims, more than 50 countries including Asia Middle East Latin America Europe, and CIS have applied for the vaccine. However, the Russian government is aiming to provide this vaccine only in specific countries for now. Currently, the Russian government had made an agreement to supply Sputnik V with countries like Mexico 32 million doses, Brazil 50 million doses India 100 million doses, and Uzbekistan 35 million doses.

Response Of Nepalese Government

Currently, Nepal is finding it’s the best solution to get rid of global pandemic COVID-19. The coronavirus cases are increasing and everyday people are dying due to this pandemic. Regarding the Russian Sputnik V Vaccine for Cvid-19, Nepalese officials stated that there are unaware of any such development. The department of Drugs and Administration which is responsible to regulate the legal environment for drugs also said that none of the companies had applied to supply the Russian vaccines to Nepal.

On the basis of Reuters reports Nepal’s Trinity Pharmaceutical is assumed to supply the Russian Vaccine. But Trinity Pharmaceutical is not a drug company and neither they have sent any application to The Department of Drug Administration in order to supply the Sputnik V vaccine in Nepal.

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