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Lost your blue book? Don’t worry we got you covered

Bluebook is the general reference to the vehicle registration paper. It contains all the details of your vehicle as well as the vehicle owner (Past as well present). It is your responsibility to renew the bluebook annually from the Ministry of Transport (Yatayaat).

One with a vehicle has to carry this with him/ her all the time so it can get lost often. But don’t worry we have got you covered. Here are the things that you should do if you have lost your blue book.

Verification Process

First of all, you need to go to the Traffic Police Headquarter ( Baggikhanna) near Singha Darbar, Kathmandu. Where you have to fill a form for the recommendation letter from Traffic Police that your blue book is actually lost and It is not captured by any traffic Police within Nepal.

You can get the form from the canteen inside Traffic police headquarter or You can download it from here. Fill up the form and submit it to the office near the entrance gate. After submission of the form, they will provide you a number and tell you when to come and collect the form which is around 4-5 days.

Collecting Recommendation letter

After waiting for 4 -5 days you should be collecting the recommendation letter from the office near the entrance gate of Traffic Police Headquarters. You should be present with the id proof and the number that they provided when you submitted the form. After collecting the recommendation letter you should go to the Ministry of transport for further process.

Ministry of Transport

You should visit the ministry of transport with various documents i.e. Your ID proof, Recently taken photo and the recommendation letter from traffic police headquarter within 15 days. If not then the recommendation letter will not be valid and you have to go through the verification process again. After going to the Ministry of Trasport you should fill up a form for a duplicate blue book which can be found in Nearby shops around the ministry of transport.

You should also print out the tax report of the vehicle that you own. If all the taxes are paid and renewal date has time then you should pay RS 500 for a duplicate bluebook. But If your taxes are not paid then all taxes must be paid which may include fines if you have not paid the taxes for more than a year. Similarly, if the renewal date is near then they will also suggest you renew it. 

Needle In the Sea

After making sure that all the payments are done including the charge for a duplicate bluebook you should search for a file of your vehicle from the storeroom. This may be time-consuming and like finding Needle in the sea as you have to search your file from all the files of Vehicle that have been registered till date. However, an official staff will help you as the files are not stored on the computer but stored in chronological order as per the lot.The file includes the original Vat bill of the vehicle purchased, Insurance paper, and photo of your Engine and Chasis No. This file can be taken home as well but should be kept safely as these files are required if you want to sell your Vehicle.

Final Step

After finding out the file and completing all the above-mentioned process you can have a Duplicate license. You may be wondering “Duplicate license” but don’t worry the license you will get is as original as it gets but the page will be marked as “Pratilipi” which is translated as Duplicate. After receiving the Pratilipi of license the only thing left to do is to paste the photo and fill up the details from Dhadhha (the big file where vehicle ownership details exist) and enter the new blue book details in the Dadhha  & getting it signed by the Department head (Sakha Adhikrit).

As we all know that there are lots of crowds in the Ministry of Trasport Every day and servers shut down often. Searching the file and Dhadhha will take a lot of time so there may be a chance that you may not get the work done in a single day. So we suggest you go to the Ministry of Trasport as soon as possible and maybe a day or two later after you receive the Recommendation letter rather than the same day.

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