Lost Your License? Here are the Things You Need To Do

Everybody knows that important documents and valuable things need to be given extra care. In Nepal probably one of the most headache things to deal with is government officers and government offices. Especially at the Nepal Yatayat office which required uncertain time to get things done.

In case if you have lost your License then, there are several things you need to considered to have a new one. For instance, here we have simplified the steps and procedure to get back you license when it gets lost.

Need Of Licence No. or Photocopy?

So, you have lost your license? no need to worry we got your back. Here are the things that you should do

  • First thing First Do you know your License no? or have a License of the document? 

             If yes then you can skip this part. If No

  • Go to the Ministry of Transport ( Yatayat office) or wherever you took your license from with ID proof. There they will help you to find out your license detail or no by matching the details with the ID proof (citizenship or any other government-issued document) and Note it down.
  • If you know your license detail or No. Then the first place you need to visit is Traffic police headquarter (Baggikhana)which is located Near Singadarbar, Kathmandu. There you need to fill up the recommendation letter form which will be provided from the canteen or you can download the form from here. After filling up the form you have to submit the form at the office near the front gate. They will give you a number (note it down) and will ask you to collect the form after 2 days normally after the submission of the form.
  • After 2 days, go to the office near the front gate in Traffic police headquarter with your citizenship and tell your purpose and number which is you noted down last time. Then they will provide you the recommendation letter which you need to take to the Department of Transport for further process.
  • When you reach the Department of Transport you need to feel up another form for Duplicate license (Pratilipi) or you can download it from here (Page no 12). After this, you need to go to the room for a computer check of your details and get the photocopy of your previous license. Where they will also take your Photo via computer.
  • After taking a photo you need to go to another room for a medical test i.e. colorblindness where you will be shown a very old book with numbers. You might remember it from the first time you applied for your license.
  • After the medical test, you need to go to another room for the Submission of the forms and charge a fee for your duplicate license which used to be Rs 100 and take the Voucher. Here you can also ask when to come and collect your license as these days it takes a longer time than it used to be before which was around 15 days.

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So, basically apart from the waiting days the procedure generally takes 2 – 3 days. Which can be really time-consuming and can get under your skin with all the crowd. So, keep your documents safe. 

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