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Traffic Police Dummies In Kathmandu As They Struck By Corona

Coronavirus has ruined everyone’s life and it has demolished the economy of every nation. Even in Nepal, it has spread throughout the country. Along with ordinary people, every government officials and officers have been affected by Covid-19 infection so far.

Similarly, the Traffic police of Nepal has come up with a different idea to spread awareness among Nepalese people. According to the report, traffic police personnel to contract the disease in the valley soared to 133. So they have decided to put traffic dummies in the most part of Kathmandu valley.

Traffic Police Dummies In Kathmandu

The Metropolitan Traffic Division Office has installed mannequins dressed as traffic police at various locations of the city so that it will keep aware people to avoid unnecessary walk and hikes and it also warns about fines if they got caught.

The traffic dummies aim to remind the public that they are being watched and if they broke the ongoing protocol then they have to pay fines declared by the government. They have deployed these dummies in the location like Singhdurbar, Singhdobato, Maitighar, New Baneswor, Baluwatar, Lainchaur, Bhotahity, and Ranoddip Chowk.

However, the traffic dummies are also kept around the ring road of Kathmandu like Kalanki chowk, Koteshwor including Chowk, Krishna Pauroti, Padmodaya Mode, Nagdhunga, and Jagati as well. And the Division has added 60 flexes with information about the safety measures against the coronavirus pandemic in different turnings and chowks in the valley.

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Why Traffic Dummies?

In recent days, Authority has mentioned that the people are being careless regarding the pandemic and they walk and ride for unnecessary work, so this makes to take such kind of steps. Moreover, the dummies deployed in Kathmandu holds the warning board about the fine from Rs 500 to Rs 10,000 in case of traffic rule violation.

According to SSP Bhim, Parsad Dhakal;

“Such dummies remind the drivers that they are being watched and alert them against their instinct to violate the traffic rules and besides, the traffic police holding playcards assure the public that the traffic is there at people’s service.”

For now, the Metro Traffic Police is collaborating with Kathmandu Metropolitan City to initiate these awareness campaigns. And SSP Dhakal is much optimism regarding the positive outcomes of their collaboration.

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