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Race To Become Nepal’s Largest Internet Service Provider

There are 37 companies providing broadband Internet access and cable networks on the basis of the Nepal Telecommunications Authority(NTA). Worldlink is one of the businesses that have served most consumers on the Internet in Nepal. Worldlink was recognized as Nepal ‘s biggest provider of Internet services and with Nokia, it has build Nepal’s first 100G optical network. A total of 821,249 subscribers in Nepal use the Internet through these networks in 2019.

However, this data does not apply to smartphone users who access the Internet through their provider network (cellular technology). Of 821,249 subscribers, 71,998 use 9% wireless access, 253,214 make 31% use of cable network, and 496,037 use Fiber network, which accounts for a strong 60% of all Internet subscribers.

Furthermore, in Nepal, the internet is provided through mediums i.e Fiber optics, capable network, and wireless network. Meanwhile, this article has summoned the data to analyze the current big player in the market.

Fiber Optics

Fiber reflects after a cumulative compromise of 496,037 users, 60 percent of internet access. We list 10 main providers with a vast number of Fiber subscribers. In the first place, WorldLink communications has the biggest customers representing 57% of the fiber market with a total of 282,305.

Second, 67,171 customers comprise 14% of the fiber market in Vianet communications. Classic tech, Subisu cablenet and TechMinds Network are also available in the third, fourth and fifth respectively.

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Largest Wireless Subscribers

Just 9% i.e  71 998 by April 2019,  the total number of wireless Internet users in Nepal . This map displays specifically the overall number and proportion of wireless users by ISP. The Broadlink Network out of 71,998 subscriptions has the largest 23,624 subscriptions, comprising one-third of the entire market.

The business Nepal Doorsanchar is second by 25%, i.e. 18,066 subscribers. Nepal telecoms are now offering WiMax and EVDO cellular networks. Likewise, Subisu cablenet sits on its third spot, where 8,603 users account for 12% of wireless internet market share.

Cable Users And Subscribers

Nepal Telecom has the largest market capitalization of 84 percent with a record of 211,513 subscribers for cable subscribers. Subisu cablenet has 12%, cable televisions have 2%, and smartphones have 2%.

In Nepal, the market for high-speed broadband is high and that fiber internet facility are used. In comparison, cable network and wireless technologies are also in use but are diminishing. The future is projected to overtake the sector for broadband internet networks.

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Who Is The Winner?

Worldlink still has the largest number of subscribers in fiber optics, and due to lockdown, there is a massive increase in internet traffic which perhaps has slowed down their internet speed. That’s why most of their users complain about their services nowadays. Meanwhile, in the remaining two market segmentation, Worldlink has performed poorly.

Nepal is a developing country and so far it’s hard to predict which company will survive successfully in recent years. Nevertheless, from the above data worldlink is the clear winner in fiberoptics, Broadlink is a pioneer in wireless service, as well as Nepal telecom, has the highest number in cable internet users.

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