Nepal’s Education System And Pandemic

The successful distribution of education during the pandemic was one of the decision-makers, educators, and parents’ greatest mysteries. Pandemic in Nepal is increasing. The outbreak of COVID-19 has ruined the education system along with the nation’s economy. However, the Nepalese education system always surrounded by controversies and criticism.

The Nepalese education system has been proved to be inflexible. Students’ overall career path is decided just after high school. There are no reliable and new bunch of educational faculties. There is no job replacement guarantee neither Nepalese students have much option to engage their college in one specific subject. And it’s hard for Nepalese students to get good counseling about higher education.

Consequences Of Inflexible Education System

There are thousands of young people who did not have high school certificate. But they do have several skills and experiences. However, depending on those experiences, they don’t have the ability to return to higher schooling. Present educational not provide them any choice is to return in several years to high school.

By closing the possibility of entering into a formal education system, our educational system has ruined all the future possibilities by imposing an irrelevant and inflexible system. Another problem is that our current system does not even allow them anywhere to show their interest and abilities even to sit in the entrance test.

Our current policymaker needs to come up with some of the plans to address the young people who are left behind and have not attended schools and colleges due to their personal and economic problems.

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Biased Education System

The most unjustified notion that students studying science subjects in higher education are assumed to be smarter. Even the Nepalese education system allows science students to adapt to arts or management subjects. However, those who are from the fields like commerce and arts are somehow thought to be incapable of learning science.

This is why it is common to hear about undue pressure young learners face from family and relatives to pick the science stream in their high school against their interests. Maintaining openness and flexibility can free young students from the pressure of committing to a field they don’t even know they are interested in at a very early age.

Keeping the door open for people to pursue their interests and excel in the field of their choice, no matter at what age they make those choices, is how we get a hardworking, learning-centred, innovative, skilled, critical mass of people we need to graduate to a middle-income country.

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Education System During Pandemic

Similarly like the rest of the world. Nepal’s schools and colleges are also closed since the outbreak. Other parts of the world even operating classes online. But in Nepal, online classes are not even possible due to the lack of internet and personal computers. The current government has failed to bring the change in the education system of Nepal. Neither they have come up with any sort of plan to elevate the education system from the ongoing pandemic.

All educational institutes are closed and even teachers are suffering due to COVID-19. Teachers are unpaid for several months, they even protest against the system but, the government has been ignoring the protest. Nevertheless, many master levels and bachelor’s levels exam are in pending. But so far there is no certain provision that has come out from the government to control the ongoing mess in the nation.

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