Ways to engage children during COVID –19 lockdown

All the schools have been closed because of COVID -19 lockdown. Children’s are not used to with staying at homes and they might be facing boredom all day at home. Also, there are parents who are working from home and in this case as well, they will have to engage their children’s wisely so their works are not affected. Here are some best ways to keep the children learning and engaged at home.

Speak about COVID-19 with your children

According to the age of your child, provide appropriate information about the outbreak to your child. Teach and make them understand words like isolation, quarantine. The basic idea will convince them to stay at home without complaining.

Teach and practice health hygiene

Teach your children how to wash hands properly. Make them follow healthy habits. Also, inform them about the importance of sleep and nutrition. You can also make them do some exercises.

Make a routine

 You can make a routine for your child to give them that school type feeling. Ensure regular bedtimes and wake up times. Separate time for meals and snacks. Give breaks. This will also make your child discipline.

Look for ways to make learning fun.

Your children would feel bored all day at home. To make the learning fun, engage them in different activities like drawing, painting, puzzle, and handicrafts. Make them practice handwriting by telling them to write letter to their friends and family members.

 Let them Connect with Friends

While practicing social distancing, let your child connect with their friends through social media. They must be missing their friends. You can dial to their friends, teachers and relatives or video call them. This would be refreshing for the children.

Limit Screen time, make them play

Different social media have great influence among children. They have been addicted to those sites.  Sitting idle in one place and looking over the screen for a long time will have adverse effect on their health. Instead you can limit the time they spend on screen and make them play. Encourage them to get active physically.

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Written by Subekshya Ghimire

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