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Nepal Ranks 127th for Mobile Speeds, 112th For Fixed Internet Speeds..

Nepal Ranks 127th for Mobile Speeds, 112th For Fixed Internet Speeds

Nepal became 112th in the world’s fixed-line Internet speed rankings. Nepal was ranked 127th in the worldwide classification of mobile Internet speed by Speedtest. Meanwhile, in comparison to it’s neighboring countries, Nepal has a higher Internet speed and good service.

Moreover, Nepal’s fixed internet has an average download speed of 21.05 Mbps and 19.80 Mbps is its average upload speed. Accordingly, the average download speed of Nepal’s mobile Internet is 12.43 Mbps and the average upload speed is 7.21 Mbps.

Nepal’s Internet Speed Gets Boost

The main reason for improving efficiency was the rapid development of optical fibers across the state by Internet service providers. And the spike in the number of Internet users is through the utilization of the rural telecommunication development fund in the country.

Nepal’s Speed Test

In addition to that, Nepal has shown good performance in world Internet speed analysis and currently, it is ahead from several South Asian countries.

Nepalese Internet Speed Surpassed Its Neighboring Countries

There is growing numbers of  Internet users in Nepal. Therefore, Nepalese internet service providers have to make sure about their service as well as their internet speed. Though Nepal falls under 3rd world country but there is an immensely large number of young people desperate for good internet service.

The US-based company  Ookla, a broadband speed analysis declared in January about Nepal’s average mobile broadband download speed and placed Nepal in  127th among 140 countries in the Speedtest Global Index.

Top Countries In The Race:

Along with Nepal, India (placed 128th), Bangladesh (131), and Afghanistan (139) and trails behind the Maldives (61), Sri Lanka (87), and Pakistan (118).

User Experiences And Complains

There are lots of public complaints regarding Internet speed and services. Many Nepalese complains about getting lower speed even if they have a subscription for higher internet speed. Nepalese private internet service providers like Worldlink and Subisu’s users also complain about not having the speed that they paid for.

Evidently, there are no any well-managed government agencies to take action against these kinds of incidents. For instance, not just Nepali public, Prem Lal Maharjan, chairman of the National Consumer Forum, said

“consumers can not sense the difference between 3 G and 4 G except in city centers. Likewise, the data charges are relatively high”

Meanwhile, Nepalese Authority published that, there are 4.79 million 4G users in the country, including subscribers of Nepal Telecom, Ncell, and Smart Telecom. And despite claims of improved speeds, people have been complaining that the internet in Nepal is too slow.

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Future Of Nepalese Telecommunication And Broadband Services

The authority reported that Internet penetration in Nepal exceeded 71.52% of the population, with 15.33% of Nepalis using FTB and 55.39% using mobile broadband. The most recent study shows that most people use the internet through mobile devices.

Likewise, the Nepal Telecommunications Authority plans to make the supply of Multi Router Traffic Graphs with traffically charged images in a network mandatory for all internet operators.

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