Largest Artificial Lake Of Nepal– Indra Sarovar

Indra Sarovar is Nepal ‘s largest artificial lake that is well known for its impressive and astounding scenes and it is widely known as the Kulekhani dam. It is being built in the heart of Narayani zone’s Makwanpur district, between Markhu and Kulekhani VDC.

Operated for Kulekhani Hydropower, the lake is 7 km long. The main feeling here is wandering around with lovely hills. Moreover, When you drive past Chitlang, passing the road leading all the way to Bhimfedi, you can meet Indra Sarovar, a huge lake that appears to fill a whole village town.

More Details About Indra Sarovar

The lake isn’t natural. It is in essence a man-made reservoir designed to create hydroelectricity. Nevertheless, the resulting elegance that evokes the landscape is comparable with the lakes, which form naturally.

Largest Artificial Lake Of Nepal– Indra Sarovar

The lake has a bit unusual position — it dips rolling hills into its waters, and then spreads in various directions — seems almost unreal, particularly for an entity designed for mere usage. The lake and surrounding power generation plants installed capacity 92 MW have been delivering electricity continuously for years.

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Road Guide Of Indra Sarovar

The lake can be reached by paved roads at around 50 km from Kathmandu city. Meanwhile, throughout the years the area around the lake has seen a rise in the number of lodges and restaurants due to its ease of accessibility.

Largest Artificial Lake Of Nepal– Indra Sarovar

Besides its position as a reservoir for electricity generation, Indra Sarovar has not only helped attract tourism to the region but has also provided a boost to the local economy as well. The spot ‘s major appeal is its both-encompassing, wandering views and the lake itself.

History Of This Lake

The outlook on the reservoir is mesmerizing, which can lead us to start gazing at nature with all the starry eyes. The lake has a historical fact that it was created by the Late King Birendra in the name of his wife Indra Rajya Laxmi Shah.

The lake ends at Kulekhani Dam which was built for the purpose of generating electricity. The dam is also near to the lake. People can also extend their trip to Kulekhani Dam.

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Things To Do In Indra Sarovar

Markhu is a wonderful village, you can visit around this lake. The village is a pleasant with famous places to explore around. A suspension bridge across Lake Indra Sarovar brings greater scenery and beauty to the place. People often stroll along the bridge to appreciate the place’s elegance, and enjoy taking photographs.


Tourists can also extend their journey, as there are stunning resorts at fair rates here. Youth, in the evening they love outdoor flames, jamming with tasty food and local drinks. Sunrise in the morning is the best thing one can witness here. It’s fun to wake up with the sounds of chirpy birds and the sceneries outside.

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Highlights Of Indara Sarovar

  • The artificial Khulekhani dam itself carries 85,300,000m3 (69,200 acre-ft) of water
  • The massive suspension bridge from which the view is breathtaking
  • iThe places very famous for fish and fish farming khaja collection
  • Boating in the massive manmade pool, i.e. the Sarovar Indra
  • It is also Renowned for sheep farming as well.

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