Reiki Healing In Nepal

Nepal is the Buddha ‘s mighty holy nation. It is the land of tantra, ancient sages and thousands of monasteries where everyone enjoys peace rather than disputes . iIn Nepal, Reiki therapy is a must-do experience and it is a spiritually directed energy of life-force .

This is not a faith, it has no dogma, so in order to know to use Reiki, there is nothing that you have to believe.The ability to learn Reiki doesn’t rely on mental skill, nor does one have to meditate. It takes no years of experience. It’s clearly conveyed to the pupil from the instructor.

Introduction To Reiki Healing

The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) meaning ‘Universal Life’ and (Ki) meaning ‘Energy’ Reiki is not associated with either faith or religion and tradition.   This could not be a remedy for religious people. This is a subtle and successful method of energy work using energies from a spiritually driven life force.

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The way other calming techniques are learned, in Reiki, they are not practiced. It is transferred to the student after a tuning phase by the Reiki Master. This method opens the chakras of the crown, neck, and palm and establishes a special bond between the source of the Reiki and the recipient.

Reiki attunement

A Reiki tuning is an initiation into a divine spiritual order that has been existing on earth for centuries. You will become part of a community of people who use Reiki to cure themselves and each other and to work together to restore the World by having an attunement.

In being part of this community, you can also receive assistance from Reiki guides and other divine forces who work for these aims as well.Reiki tuning is a cycle of transformation that unlocks the chakras of the crown, heart and palm and binds you to the infinite source of Reiki strength.

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Quick Facts Of Reiki Healing

  • It’s rising in importance amid cynicism in some circles. 
  • It requires energy transmission by the laying on of paws. 
  • Advocates of Reiki claim it helps cure several mental disorders.
  • Studies show that Reiki can relieve pain significantly but no studies have proven it’s effective in the treatment of any disease

Benefits Of Reiki

There is a theory that this force permeates the body. Reiki experts point out that while current analytical methods do not quantify this force, it can be sensed by those who tune in to it. Reiki is claimed to help relax, assist in the natural healing processes of the body, and develop emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

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It is also known to cause intense relaxation, help people deal with challenges, reduce mental tension, and promote overall health. Those who undergo Reiki describe it as “intensely soothing.” Reiki promises to promote relief, decrease discomfort, accelerate recovery, and relieve certain symptoms, although few scientific results confirm its concrete health benefits.

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