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Digital World New Challenge For Nepal

Being a growing nation and half of the population filled with youth, Nepal seems to have a bright future. Despite sufficient government facilities Nepalese youth are showing up in a variety of sectors with innovative and potential initiatives. Over the years Nepal has seen much which includes long-running political instability and economy, corruption, devastating earthquake, and nonetheless, global pandemic Covid-19.

Lately, the unstable government has compelled its people to pursue their dreams abroad. Even these days, this trend is on a rise. Countries like Australia, United States, Scandinavian countries, Korea, Japan, etc are ideal among Nepalese youth. Similarly, the majority of Nepalese people visit India and Golf countries for employment purposes.

However, in recent years there are many young people who have returned from various countries and turning their ideas and experiences into reality within their territory. These initiatives have currently influenced Nepalese social media. There are numbers of start-ups and business models lead by the Nepalese young people which are growing constantly and generating quite impressive revenues.

Digital World And It’s Challenges

Due to the advancement in technology and the open platform, it has become easier for start-ups to grow on the internet. Certainly, the internet has given some degree of power in the hands of people. Some are using it but some are not. There are many misleading information and news published every day in Nepalese social media as well as in global media which has a negative impact on the whole community.

During pandemic cybercrime likes cyberbullying, hacking, Cyberextortion, Cyberstalking, Phishing scams, etc have emerged immensely in Nepalese social media. Along with this, there are a bunch of deceptive and fallacious news, articles, journals were all over the internet. And sadly this problem has no end.

As I mentioned previously, the digital world is emerging in Nepal. We have seen changes in the mainstream media of Nepal due to this. So far the country’s mainstream media fails to deliver real change in the nation. But with platforms like Google, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram, etc, Nepalese youths have come forward with transparent media and publication.

Meanwhile, there are many who are misleading and influencing people for their own use by using these platforms. Therefore, for the developing nation Nepal, the digital world, is going to be a deal. There are many merits that make it inevitable to embrace these technologies and platforms. But there are lots of things we need to aware and look upon before embracing the change.

The digital world perhaps is the new challenge of Nepal. And this can be seen in a country where people’s trust is slowly shifting from mainstream media to digital media. People as well as publishers must have to be responsible regarding their works. People did not have to trust blindly in digital media. Similarly, digital media’s editors, writers, or content creators have to be responsible regarding their works.

For instance, it’s the people or user whose main concern is to see the truth. Meanwhile, now it’s changing digital media responsibility to deliver the truth among the Nepalese people with transparency.

Different Face Of Digital World

Besides media houses, the digital world is a challenge for Nepal that’s because the taste and preference of consumers are changing. During the pandemic, online payments, and several start-ups were undisputed in the Nepalese economy. And rather than buying stuff in glossary or shops, Nepalese people are getting used to with internet services. Moreover, it has created a new dimension of opportunities, but at the same time, it is a threat to the existing and traditional business of Nepal. No matter what kind of consequences the change will bring into Nepal. But one thing is clear, digital change is inevitable, and for the people of Nepal, the digital world is a new challenge for the entire nation.

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